Glen Milner is a documentary film director from Yorkshire, England. 


After working through the camera ranks on films such as Terrence Malick's Tree of Life -  Milner focused his own visual approach onto documentary storytelling. His films for broadcasters such as BBC, Channel 4, LucasFilm, The Guardian and SKY Television have gone onto receive wide-spread critical acclaim. This includes awards from festivals worldwide and nominations at institutions such as the American Film Institute and The Royal Television Society. Documentaries like the BBC's 'Redefining Juliet' and Channel 4's 'Elders' have shone a light on difficult and challenging subjects while retaining a filmic style that endeavours to reach out to new audiences.


His personal and considered approach to subjects has also led to numerous commissions from creative advertising agencies and global brands from around the world. In a very touching article about his work entitled 'Soul of the Matter' - Lyndy Stout from the revered creative website 1.4 wrote:  "Milner's subjects are fascinating but it’s the filmic way he tells their stories which is so captivating and enriching." 



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